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Things That Causes Hip Flexor Pain

Title: Things That Causes Hip Flexor Pain
Description: Hip flexor pain due to tendonitis issues are often experienced by people do a lot of running like athletes. People who play a lot of sports are at risk of hip flexor pain due to tendonitis problems because they are placing a lot of pressure on their hip area because of all the running and excessive movements they’re doing. Bruised Hip Flexors Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether or not your pain is due to bruising or pulled hip flexors. However, the main way you can tell the difference is whether or not the area is sensitive to touch when you are in a standing position. If hip flexors are tender to touch while standing still then it’s because of bruising. The good news about bruised hip flexor muscles is that it only takes 3 to 5 days for them to heal. With that being said, if you have bruised hip flexors the pain you’re experience won’t last that long. Hip Flexor Injury Every now and then a person will go through an injury that causes their hip flexors to become damaged and cause pain. The only way to recover from this is to treat the injury itself.