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Title: Email marketing news
Description: Offering hotels, flights and holiday packages through an email newsletter channel has been a challenge in the travel business as customer satisfaction can be very cumbersome. By the time a newsletter subscriber opens the email, it is likely that hotel prices have changed or flights are already sold out. The travel seeker has to leave the email realm and is forced to visit the travel agencies’ website to check prices and availability again. In such cases, the traveler is also tempted to involve another travel provider in the search. With the launch of Google AMP for Email, however, that information and usability gap can now be closed, eventually leading to a higher ROI for the whole travel industry in email marketing.In the travel industry, especially for travel agencies and online travel booking portals, email marketing is the most important direct communication channel for getting in touch with their customers. Here are the reasons why: Turn quality leads into customers. Provide customers with important information and latest updates on the date and time of their upcoming trips. Provide customers with relevant offers based on their previous activity or booking pattern. Email Marketing has a huge average ROI (Return of Investment) of up to 3,800% according to a study by dma. Generate more direct traffic to your website and offerings. Activate your leads and customers for effective brand marketing. Build up a behavior-based email marketing strategy – reuse your subscriber’s email open and click activities for a better fit in your followup communications. Finally, here is the most important reason: Email simply kills cookies! The primary email address is the best consumer identifier across all channels. There already plenty of good reasons to use email as your number one channel. But email is lacking dynamic elements. The recipient has to be referred to a website in order to perform further action. However, this technological gap is going to be closed rather soon with Google’s AMP for Email.