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Title: Online courses
Description: Project overview - Brief description of the project. Main takeaways are highlighted in bullet lists. How to think about the task ahead. What are possible approaches for solving the same task. Code first - Instead of describing what the problem is, show it in code straight away with minimal text. And lots of assisting graphics. Multiple exploration paths - There are multiple ways to explore topics: Global map, Local map, Related, Primer, Goals, Expert, Popularity, Trends, Heatmap, etc. Highlight important info - Instead of forcing the user to read all of it, focus attention on the important parts. Quick readers will go straight to the target. Slow learners will read all of it. Tooltips for missing info - The hot spots expand extra information as tooltips when the user requests them. Diagrams and infographics - Whenever possible, instead of using text we use images and diagrams. Learning via images is far faster than learning via reading. Render multiple files at once - Instead of using tabs as in any other existing blog we use vertical scroll in order to switch between code fragments. Highlights can be coordinated between different panels to showcase code that works together from multiple files. Click on code - The user can click in the code or in the the project code on certain designated keywords. Clicking on these keywords will open an overlaid screen with extra information about the topic. No notes required - The fastest way to take notes is not to take any. For this purpose we deliver a flagging system that will store references to all the important topics that the user wants to remember.