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Description: Some of the world's largest retailers, such as Walmart, utilize this technology to train employees. Psychologists employ VR in the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Real estate agents can use VR to showcase their properties more creatively. For example, if a customer who lives overseas is interested in buying a house, it's easier for him to take a virtual tour rather than travel to the U.S. and back. Open house events are a big part of any real estate agent's business, but they involve a great deal of work - scheduling, staging, long hours on-site, keeping track of notes, and contact information. Virtual tours allow you to digitize part of this process, keeping listed properties "open" and on display around the clock. You can also gather feedback on virtual tours by including them in social media and blog updates where viewers can leave questions and comments. Whether you're a home builder, brokerage, or real estate agent, our 3D Virtual Tours for residential real estate in Ottawa can attract more qualified prospects, reduce unnecessary site visits, and close the deal faster. By enabling your prospective clients to see your properties in 3D, you can differentiate from the competition and provide an immersive experience that's just not possible with photos or 360 tours. With a 3D virtual tour, prospective clients can walk-through your property at their own pace from anywhere, at anytime, generating higher engagement and interest. Discover more details on high end real estate photography. If you have virtual tours on your site, the person calling you already knows how the place looks and how it is organized. Them wanting to visit means that they probably like how the property looks. Chances are that after they visit, if the house matches with what they saw in the tour, then they will probably take a decision or go for negotiations immediately. As a result, you won't have to waste away hours in giving mildly interested people tours to properties and trying to convince them to buy. You will mostly be answering calls from potential buyers with greater intent to buy.