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Description: A simple notice of delinquency in the mail doesn’t ultimately imply that you are going to lose your house. There are certain steps that you can take to slow down the process and walk back on track and get your financial records back in the best shape. If you are facing foreclosure then here’s how you can effectively deal with it. What’s Foreclosure Exactly? The situation of foreclosure arises when a borrower is unable to pay his mortgage payments and the mortgage investor or lender can now repossess the house. It can also occur if the homeowners’ association fees or property taxes are not paid timely. During the process of foreclosure, the lender can seize the house and further sell it to recover the money lost from the mortgage default. The borrower signs a mortgage to agree on the payment of the loan in full to the lender according to his terms. On the breach of this contract, the lender secures the right to take back the house which acts as collateral and get back the investment. Financial recovery requires time and patience which can be achieved by following the below-mentioned tips: Become Well-Informed If you are facing foreclosure, the primary and the best step would be to acquire more information on what’s going to happen now. Go through all the documents provided by the lender, including the mortgage and then make a final plan to implement. In most cases, initial notices of late payments contain information on foreclosure prevention options. It’s always prudent to be informed about how the foreclosure is dealt with within your state. Knowing this would enable you to understand the timeline of the foreclosure process.