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Description: Neidra is fascinated with both the French, Italian, and American culture blend which enables her the ability to create and exhibit vibrant and sensual designs to enhance both the beauty and feminine side of elegant woman. The Creative Director is so delighted to express her genuine gratitude to her amazing staff and design team of experienced experts and creative minds. When it comes to their professional level of service that they bring to the table it’s above and beyond my expectation. The production team extensive knowledge of fabric and design is above and by far the most skilled. It gives each member within the production operation incite and allows the smooth function of the entire operation. Each garment is designed using higher top quality fabrics which always drape better, look better, and feel better and certainly last a lot longer. We use the finest quality fabrics. Neidra Demery explains how each fashion garment created uniquely different. Her goal is to appease their clients with complete confidence, self-assurance, and the enhancement of one’s own beauty. A tradition of innovation in craftsmanship and luxury.