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Description: This is a philosophical and economic-related issue. Today, with the increasingly advanced technology, the prices of many things and many things are basically transparent. If you have the heart, you can basically find out how much they are worth. Back to the topic, cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap. In fact, it is applied to the essay writing, exam writing, and quiz writing platforms. It can be said, but not exactly, because of the quotations of the major writing platforms. After so many years of development, it has stabilized. Unless it is due to some force majeure, such as the new crown epidemic, in this case, the price will fluctuate, otherwise it is basically transparent. Moreover, the level of the quotation also depends on the difficulty of your writing and the test. The formal writing platform will make a reasonable quotation because of the strength of the team of its writers, but it will not make false reports, and pass Working with them, you can fully feel the value, such as, but on the other hand, if the offer is low and the other party is a formal and reliable writing platform, then there is only one explanation, which is It is not difficult for you to write and take the exam this time. To sum up, only a formal and reliable writing and testing platform is qualified to speak question sentences that good goods are not cheap and cheap but not good goods. Those scam agencies are not qualified to speak such words, because the purpose is based. The difference is that one party will make friends and do business with you sincerely, while the other party will trick you under the guise.